Wean-To-Market Production Technician

Company Name:
The Maschhoffs
Job Title:Production Technician, Wean-to-Market
Reports To: Site Manager, Wean-to-Market Department: Wean-to-Market
Job Overview: Employees in positions allocated to this level are responsible for the care, welfare, and day-to-day activities of the farm. They will ensure good production through the implementation of standard operating procedures, maintenance of accurate activity records, promotion of animal well-being, and practices of good environmental stewardship.
Job Duties & Accountabilities
Handle animals with care and respect at all times.
Commit to being the best team member and individual that they can be.
Promotion of safe working environment and reporting of all work related injuries.
Implement the standard operating procedures (SOP) to the best of their ability.
Perform timely duties and comply with practices that promote the health of the animals under their care (commonly referred to as bio-security practices).
High School Diploma or GED

Don't Be Fooled

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